What is the difference between a marriage ceremony, a renewal of vows ceremony, and a commitment ceremony?

These ceremonies are similar in that they all involve an affirmation of love and commitment.

A marriage ceremony is a legal proceeding, recognized by every state in the Union. To proceed with a marriage ceremony, you must
first obtain a marriage license, which gives the legal component to the ceremony. For some people there is also a religious, or spiritual,
component to a marriage ceremony, but this is completely in the control of the couple.

Vow renewal ceremonies voluntary ceremonies, with no legal component. Typically ceremonies of this type are held to commemorate a
special occasion or anniversary, as they are performed for a couple already married. They provide a wonderful vehicle for re-affirming faith,
love and fidelity between the spouses, and offer the family a chance to honor and celebrate the couple.

A commitment ceremony is the term most often used when same-gender couples wish to express their love and devotion in a public way.

Do you do non-spiritual ceremonies?

I firmly believe that you, the couple, are the bosses. If you decide to retain my services, I consider myself in your employ. That said, if what
you require is a secular ceremony, then I will gladly create and perform such a ceremony for you.

That said, I am an ordained minister and completely comfortable performing a spiritual ceremony, as well. Some couples come to me because
they are from different faiths, and we can address this as needed. Likewise, some couples express their lack of religious belief, and
we can address that, too.

What I want everyone to remember is this: it's YOUR ceremony, and we will together build the ceremony YOU want.

We were married in such a way that our families could not be included. Can you marry us "again"?

Of course I can, and it would be my pleasure. Some couples get married abroad, or while at sea, and would like to hold a ceremony so that
they can share their joy with their family and friends. It would be an honor to perform your ceremony!

Can we write our own vows?

Of course you can! Just be careful not to bite off more than you can chew... in my experience, reading or even memorizing your own vows can
be quite an undertaking, and you have an entire wedding to plan. Fear not -- even if you do decide to write your own vows, you may change
your mind at any time, and I will be glad to assist in any way I can. You might find it easier to sit with me to construct your vows.

Will you marry us on short notice?

So long as I have the time free, and you have obtained a valid marriage license, I can likely accommodate you. Please write or call to
confirm the date and time.

What do you wear for the ceremony?

I always dress in a very professional manner, to be respectful of both you and your guests. I prefer either a dark suit and tie, or a tuxedo;
I can don a minister's stole if you would like, as well. I prefer not to 'dress down' any further, but if you have specific requirements I will,
of course, be glad to discuss them with you.

Describe the day of the ceremony.

I arrive between 30-60 minutes prior to the agreed-upon start of the ceremony. I bring with me, as needed, several items which we can
discuss in greater detail later:

After the ceremony, I take my leave. I do not remain for the reception. Please make sure that your caterer or venue does not include
me in your head count!